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John-Michael Becker
President and CEO
John-Michael Becker
Bachelor of Science - Industrial and Systems Engineering
Virginia Tech

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I graduated from Virginia Tech in May, 2005 as a Systems Engineer. Upon graduation, and after working briefly in construction, God led me to Korea as a fulltime orphanage volunteer at the end of 2005. While living and serving at Geon Christian Children’s Home, I have had the opportunity to gain much information about the child welfare system in Korea. With time, God also developed in me a deep love for the children. Although I came to Korea without any related credentials, as I have kept patient in prayer and faithful in service, God has continued to strengthen me and provide for my weaknesses. After sharing my experiences at Jeil Sungdo English Ministry in May of 2006, many people approached me about wanting to volunteer at an orphanage. I wanted to help them, but soon realized the volunteers needed training, a significant time commitment, and a healthy prayer life. With these needs in mind, two friends and I founded Jerusalem Ministry (JM). As these friends have been led to different areas of God’s work, the Lord has provided others to take their place and further the vision of JM. I continue to hold on to the vision God has given me of eventually going into North Korea and establishing orphanages there. I have given my life to the Lord and I’ve committed to follow Him to the end.
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VP Public Relations
Mijeong Song
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics
University of Ajou

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In my third year of college, I started volunteer teaching at an after-school program. It was a heart breaking experience seeing so many kids in need. Although I had tutored for pay for over three years prior, that was the first time I really started enjoying the work. Post college, because of my full time job, I could not get involved in any ministries. All the while I had been praying for my future and finally during the summer of 2007, God convicted me that it was the right time to join Jerusalem Ministry. At the time JM was just getting off its feet and I was privileged to take a role in its attaining NGO status. In just a few months God has enlarged its vision and expanded its activities. My personal goal is in Education, particularly within the orphanages, to equip the children for Godly lives of purpose. I firmly believe through JM, God will accomplish his command to, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
John Lee
VP Administration
Jee Lee
Bachelor of Arts- Sociology/Master of Teaching- Elementary Education
University of Virginia

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After graduating from the University of Virginia, I taught third grade for five years in Northern Virginia. With the many vacation days that are given to a teacher, I used to travel all over the world enjoying my breaks. While I was enjoying my vacation in the summer of 2007, a thought came upon me, “I should do something worthwhile next summer.” As I was processing this thought, God reminded me of a vision that I had when I was in college. In this vision, I was working in an orphanage in Korea. With this revelation, I sought out for an opportunity to serve in an orphanage in the summer 2008. Through God’s divine connection, I found out about Jerusalem Ministry and I was able to come as a summer intern. When I came as a summer intern, little did I know that God was planning something greater through this experience in my life. With clear guidance and confirmations with a promise that God will comfort me as I comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:4), God had called me to come back to Korea to as a full time volunteer. God has changed me tremendously during my time here. I don’t know what lies ahead of my future, but as I listen to God’s voice and learn more of His heart, I know He is going to accomplish what He wants in my life.
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VP Field Operations
Karin Lim
Master's of Social Work
State University of New York

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I was left orphaned in South Korea at age 2. I stayed in an orphanage in Seoul for some time before being adopted to America. I always had a curiosity about the country and culture I was born into and dreamed about returning someday to work with the children from the orphanage where I once lived. In 2007, I returned to Korea with my 9 year old son, planning to visit only for a short time. After visiting the orphanage and attending a powerful prayer meeting during a church retreat, I received a very distinct call and vision from God to serve in full-time orphanage ministry. In the States, I studied social work and art therapy, and I am seeing how that training equipped me to now minister to the children. I use a variety of art related activities and games with the children to build trusting relationships and show God's love. Through my years in Korea, God has healed many deep scars of rejection and abandonment in me. He is now using my life to reveal His purpose and destiny placed upon each orphaned child who has yet to discover the hope and love found in our Lord Jesus Christ.
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