Jerusalem Ministry
How To Donate
  1. JM will provide donation envelopes through our request form. Please be sure to include your address if you would like a tax-deduction receipt.
  2. Please contact us at if you will be sending a donation. We will work with you to ensure your donations arrival.
  3. If sending multiple envelopes, please keep individual envelopes intact within one larger envelope.
  4. Please send donations by tracking shipment systems such as FedEx or DHL.

Tax-deductibility of Donations

Jerusalem Ministry uses the following guidelines to keep in accordance with the Better-Business Bureau (BBB), the IRS:

IMPORTANT: If donating a percentage or specific amount of corporate sales, sale of a good or service, or the entire amount of a good or service to JM, the percentage or amount donated (25%, $1,000, etc.) must be clearly listed on all printed materials, web site or wherever else applicable..


Donations refer to all tax-deductible donations, whether cash, check, credit card or stock transfer. Jerusalem Ministry will provide a tax-deductible receipt to donors for the exact amount of their donations. The receipt may be presented to the IRS for tax-deduction purposes.

Donations with Goods and Services Received

These are payments to JM in which an individual receives a good or service for his or her payment. JM will give a gift receipt for these payments and will only give a tax-deductible receipt if the payment exceeds the value of the good or service received.

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