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North Korea prayer notes 3/26/10

Hey guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t been sending these each week. We are definitely praying over here, but lately I’ve been getting home so late on Fridays that I’ve forgotten to send the notes out. I got them for this week though.


Isaiah 41:8-20…

41:8 – Prayed for South Korea to once again see the people of North Korea as not just friends but family (a friend of mine had a vision where he saw South Korea say to North Korea “My brother” and immediately North Korea opened itself up and asked for help)… prayed for reconciliation and reunification

42:9 – Declared God has chosen NK for His glory and spoke out NK’s identity in Christ and His plans for them (healing, strengthening, a light to the nations…)

42:10 – Prayed for US prisoner Gomes and for all the others in the concentration camps in NK… declared God’s strength rising within them, that they are more than conquerors, and called for angelic assistance

42:11 – Spoke out God’s wrath against the demonic strongholds of idolatry and corruption… declared God’s justice reigning in NK and blessed provision for the people

42:12 – Interceded for the refugees in China and prayed against the sex trafficking, human trafficking, and forced repatriations to NK… prayed for the refugees to find Jesus and receive peace and freedom, both in the physical and in the spiritual

42:13 – Declared God’s intimacy for the church of NK that God is with them holding their hand and directing them… prayed for boldness, wisdom, and power to rise up within the church and for the rivers of the Holy Spirit to spread throughout the land

42:14-16 – Repented on behalf of the church of South Korea for apathy, ignorance, and weakness… declared God’s strength rising up in the church and the church of SK taking up their weapons of righteousness in their right hand and their left… declared the faith mountains of NK being swept away through the movement of God in South Korea

42:17 – Covered the youth of NK in prayer and interceded for supernatural provision, deliverance, and strengthening of the youth… claimed the youth and children for God’s kingdom and claimed God’s plans for them (to raise up a mighty army chosen by God and healed and filled with God’s joy that will go into the nations proclaiming and revealing His glory)

42:18-19 – Prayed for both the physical and the spiritual land of NK… prayed for healing to the land and for God to recreate the trees, plants, and animals… prayed for the spiritual gates/doors of the nation to be opened wide and for the winds of God’s Spirit to blow through the land… declared God’s healing all throughout the nation

42:20 – Prayed and claimed that the revival in NK will attract the attention of kings and leaders around the world and will not just touch the Korean people but every nation in the world
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