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Thank you for considering raising money for JM's events and continued expansion. Below are some fundraising ideas to help you get started. Please feel free to be deviate with your own creative ideas!

Host a meal: Invite friends to an informative dinner. Use our presentation material to help introduce JM, its history, and its goals. Encourage each other to partner together in sponsoring a child, or donating toward an event. Finish the evening in prayer and fellowship.

Movie Night: Host an entertaining movie and sell delectable snacks to generate revenue for JM. Please do not charge for the viewing of the movie.

Sponsor-a-Kid: JM will help you compile pictures and profiles of children currently without financial sponsors. Posters can be made to inform potential sponsors and move them toward empowering a child.

Sporting Events: Swim, bike, walk, or even jump rope to make ways in the desert and springs in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:19). Organize a JM walkathon and ask friends and family to partner with each participant. Every mile will help open new opportunities to share God's love to the institutionalized children of Asia.

JM T-Shirts: Create t-shirts using our logo or logos of your own, and sell t-shirts to spread the work of JM.

Heart Skip: Gather a group of participants (friends, classmates, co-workers), and introduce them to JM's work in Asia. Collectively decide to skip a meal or cut back on some consumer activity at least once a week for a set length of time. Consider walking instead of taking that taxi or renting a movie instead of going to the theater. Set the extra money aside and help support JM's orphanage outreach events.

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At first I didn't know what to do and how I could help these kids. All I could do was to pray for them, asking for God's amazing love and grace to be upon them. That was indeed all they needed. As time goes by, I see their eyes are changing subtly and their hearts are softening steadily. But, they still need constant prayer and I will pray forever that they will be in God's comforting hands.
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